Saturday, February 03, 2007

Oh One Arrow

ISBN 978-0-9790888-0-3

7 x 9, 208 pages

Featuring extensive selections from:
Brandon Shimoda, Thom Donovan, Jonathan Minton, Adam Golaski, Lori Anderson Moseman, Katie Kemple, Christopher Fritton, Eric Gelsinger, Jacqueline Lyons, John Cotter, Jeff Paris, Michael Ives, Jaime Corbacho, Matthew Klane, Pierre Joris, and Aaron Lowinger. Cover art by Luke Daly.

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Brandon Shimoda
from the Alps

Thom Donovan
Devotion 1
Devotion 2
Devotion 3
Devotion 5

Jonathan Minton
The Byzantine Jar
Lazarus, the lucky, the generous

Adam Golaski
Voice Notes 1: Three Horses
Voice Notes 2: Rt. Two-Hundred Dead
Voice Notes 4: Back and Forth on 84

Lori Anderson Moseman
All Steel, Self-Dump Rake
Labor Pool: First Tool
Teaching Tools
Homemaking Myth: House

Last Supper: Pigweed
Homemaking Myth: Humanitarian Aid
May: Taproots
from All Steel

Katie Kemple
Air Popper
Standing Fan
Desk Lamp
Coffee Pot

Christopher Fritton
The String Witness
from How We Came to Wear our Bodies

Eric Gelsinger
body science limitation 0.0 -
Shades drawn
Moon Song

Jacqueline Lyons
Hand to My Mouth to Help a Thought
A Manycolored Seaandsky
Toward Unpunctuated Spring

Occultatio for Early Autumn
for Mid-Winter

John Cotter
Who Makes Their Own Language
They Want to Convert the American Finishing Company
Real Life
6 Notes for the Afterlife

Jeff Paris
Prose Poems


Michael Ives
As Touching the Shell
Bicarbonate of Signage
Simply Dork It
Is What It Is
Non-recidivist Lyric
Somewhere in Oregon
Things Made from Coconut
Unaccredited Joules

Jaime Corbacho
The Making of Thomas Sweeney
Port Wine, Portcullis

Matthew Klane
The- Murdered Nuns
Sex is the- Subtext
The- Other Nicaragua
Shock and Awe
Zones of Control
The- West is History
Erratic Dispatches
The- Fourfold

Pierre Joris
5. wonder ('ajab)
6. perishing ('atab)
7. exaltation (tarab)
8. avidity (sharah)
11. comradeship (rifq)
from Meditations on the 40 Stations of Mansour Al-Hallaj

Aaron Lowinger
from Moundz: Mens Mend Mons Mont Mond